About Us

Soulful Bros.… love and friendship…

The love of vocal house, sexy and warm,  soulful in a word, and the friendship between the dj's Steve Price & Bart… the Soulful Bros was born.

After each of their sides made their weapons on the dancefloors from Geneva to Lausanne via Italy for a decade, Steve and Bart decided to continue together their carrer under the name of Soulful Bros in 2003.

From the deceased club Watt at Arthur's Coffee through Macumba or Dolce Vita Nyon, Soulful Bros is a place as dj duo's complementary and energetic.

In 2004, Steve & Bart launch a radio show called Soul District on the air of Meyrin Fm in Geneva. From conception to completion until the animation and production, Soulful Bros manage their radio show from A to Z and it allows them to 3 years old to have been able to develop lasting collaborations with labels like Soulfuric , Defected, Purple Music or Soulshine Records and Peppermint Jam. Soul District also enables them to meet and interview artists like Blaze, Kerri Chandler, Simon Dunmore, Copyright, Audiowhores, David Morales, DJ Spen or Jamie Lewis and Roberto Carlo to name a few.

With their work and their professionalism, radio show takes place in the first few radio shows of its kind by its artistic quality and its renowned guests.

With their radio program and their work tirelessly, Soulful Bros have gradually pave the way up to the best clubs and spots in Suisse Romanderesidence at the D! Club evenings through Titi The Night or evenings No Comment. Residence also on the side of the Living Room Club Yverdon allowing Steve & Bart to hold parties under the banner of Soul District and receive guests as Roberto Carlo, Panevino, Steven Stone or Graham Sahara. Residence also in Cactus Club, Lausanne, or even Steve y scheduler for 2 years.

The Soulful Bros try also in the production and their Edit ends in the hands of Brian Tappert of Soulfuric Records, which unfortunately could not produce this song because it contains a sample which will be very difficult to get the rights. But it encourages Steve & Bart to continue in this area which is currently placed in brackets to further develop their broadcast radio and propose new sources listeners…it's done in 2006 with the spread of Soul District on the Web radios like Groove Session, PartyStation, or DFR channel and also on the number one soulful radio in the world SS Radio Uk.

Now it is over 30 radio stations worldwide that play each week Soul District, the show Steve Price & Bart.


In 2009, the Soulful Bros engage in production and remixes and found their paws on Daddy Funk Records in England with two remixes by Ronnie Canada "Going Through the Motions" and "Strung Out" and a remix for the Swiss label Boltongroove (Adme).

In 2010, the Soulful Bros are remixed Those Usual Suspects feat Chapell "Our Love" for Map Dance Records, the Swiss label of Mr. Mike.


In 2011, a SoulfuBros remix on DeepTown Music for "Live your Life" by DJ LE Baron feat DeepVoice.

In 2012, Steve Price & Bart decided to devote himself to production and to put aside their work for DJ and to terminate their radio show Soul District after eight years of existence.

Soulful Bros will share their love of soulful house, and their positive energy ... Enjoy ...